Kind of Farava Services

Kind of Farava's services

Farava, try to present updated services in order to delivering them to users

Farava's services divided into two branches: Hard-wares and Soft-wares;

You can see any kind of services in the bottom of this page.

Also, you can use our soft-wares according to your requirements!


IP Phones

In addition to possibility of making video calls on the network platform, the IP phones have the feasibility of making video calls, voice and video conference and other useful facilities.

VoIP Gateway

Gateway is a connection bridge between telecom public phone network and IP-based network; and can transform voice traffic in a suitable form for receiving by network.

Telephony Card

A telephony card can transform analogue calls to VoIP calls. Telephony cards can to be used alone and must put on a computer case.

Call Center

Farava call center is a web-based application that makes the feasibility of providing a call center for users.

Dynamic Telephony System-DTS 

Farava dynamic telephony system (DTS) is a web-based soft-ware that provides facilities like IVR, fax, audio massages and voicemail for users by using VoIP technology.

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