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Farava History

Farava, has started its activity in the field of IT since 2011 and has 5 years of glittery records at VoIP & programming. With the help of technical and experienced specialists, and in order to provide extensive services in the field of hardware and software, Farava has made it possible for customers that customizes the produced services for them, for the aim of meeting customers needs. Software that has the ability of producing in the hands of this companies' specialists, can be introduced any king of E-queue system; this systems have high efficiency for organizations or any places that have high  amount of referred persons; such as banks, hospitals, clinics, drug stores, insurance companies and etc. Farava call center is a unique and web-based software and also has all the facilities to set up a call center in accordance with world standards. Of the most attractive products can be named as online telephony system or DTS. Farava, as the first and only company in Iran, designs and develops a web-based panel including voice menu, fax, audio message, and voicemail. Along with mentioed services, also, types of useful modules are among the available products; for example call assistant module.

The Outlook of Faradade Rayane Sorena Co.

The outlook of Faradade Co. is gaining the position of the best IT and communication brand in the field of new and creative services. Therefore, value creation and innovation in the field of IT and communication with the vision of international arena, make the picture of future for Faradade rayaneh Sorena Co. This view contains the main core of our commitment. The commitment that apply innovations in technology in order to create a better world, full of wealthy digital experiences by using the maximum of internal power and strengthen the national infrastructure.

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